Personalized Love You Dad Father's Day Photo Magnet Frame

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Measurements: 4.5" W x 5" H
Material: Acrylic
Fits square sized photo - 3.5” x 3.5”

Kindly note: If a white or ivory color is selected, the name and graphics will be black. For all other colors, the name and graphics will be white. Wood will be engraved.

*Photo may have to be slightly trimmed to fit the frame.

Celebrate the unique bond with your dad with the Love You Dad Fridge Photo Magnet Frame. Designed in a charming square shape to showcase your cherished memories, this delightful frame brings warmth and sentiment to any home, kitchen, office or room. With over 20 vibrant acrylic colors to choose from, you can perfectly complement your decor or pick your dad’s favorite hue to make it truly special. Made from high-quality materials, this magnet frame guarantees a secure hold, keeping your treasured photo prominently displayed on your fridge or any magnetic surface.

Celebrate the special connection you share with your dad with the Love You Dad Fridge Photo Magnet Frame. This uniquely designed square frame beautifully displays your cherished memories while adding a touch of warmth to any kitchen. With a selection of over 20 vibrant acrylic colors, you can choose the perfect shade to complement your decor or your dad’s favorite color. Crafted from high-quality materials, this magnet frame ensures a secure hold, keeping your precious photo prominently displayed on any magnetic surface.

The Love You Dad Fridge Photo Magnet Frame is not just a frame—it’s a touching tribute to the moments you've shared and the love you hold. Each glance at this keepsake will bring a smile to both you and your dad’s faces. Its durable acrylic construction offers both elegance and longevity, safeguarding your memories for years to come.

A distinctive feature of this frame is the option to personalize it with your name at the bottom, creating a truly unique and meaningful gift. Additionally, the frame includes "Father's Day" wording at the bottom, making it an ideal gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion when you want to show your appreciation. The easy insert-and-secure design allows you to effortlessly change photos as often as you like. Whether it’s a snapshot from a family event, a candid moment, or an everyday scene, the Love You Dad Fridge Photo Magnet Frame will showcase it beautifully.

Enhance your daily life with this custom, heartfelt frame. Combining durability, style, and sentiment, it’s the perfect mix of practicality and love. Show your dad that he is always in your thoughts and display your favorite memories with pride, personalized with your name and special Father’s Day wording for an added touch of love.