Mermaid Squad Retro Motel Keychain

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Kindly note: If a white or ivory color is selected, the text will be black. For all other colors, the text will be white. Wood will be engraved.

Measures: 3.5" H x 1.7" W
Material: Acrylic

Dive into the magic of the ocean with our "Mermaid Squad" motel keychain! Available in over 20 vibrant colors, this charming accessory celebrates the spirit of friendship and adventure. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, this keychain features a classic motel-style design with a smooth, glossy finish and a sturdy metal ring for secure attachment to your keys, bags, or backpacks.

Perfect for summer outings, beach vacations, or fun bachelorette parties, the "Mermaid Squad" keychain adds a touch of whimsy and camaraderie to any occasion. Whether you're a beach lover, a mermaid enthusiast, or someone who enjoys a splash of fantasy in your everyday life, this keychain is the ideal way to keep your keys stylishly organized. Share it with your best friends and form your very own Mermaid Squad, making memories that shimmer as brightly as the ocean.