IVF Journey Milestone Cards

IVF Journey Milestone Cards

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Kindly note: If a white or ivory color is selected, the text will be black. For all other colors, the text will be white. Wood will be engraved.

Celebrate every step of your IVF journey with our IVF Milestone Card. Made of high-quality acrylic, this beautifully designed set of cards is perfect for capturing and commemorating every milestone along the way, from the start of your IVF treatment to the arrival of your little one.

Each card features a unique and thoughtful design that serves as a unique prop for pregnancy photoshoots. From the first injection to the embryo transfer and beyond, these cards will help you remember and celebrate each moment of your journey.

Made with durable and long-lasting acrylic, our IVF Milestone Cards are the perfect addition to any IVF journey. They make a wonderful gift for friends or loved ones going through IVF, or a special way to treat yourself and remember this incredible journey.

Whether you're just starting out or nearing the end of your IVF journey, our IVF pregnancy milestone cards are the perfect way to mark each step of the way and celebrate the amazing achievement of bringing a new life into the world.

Measurements: 5" H x 3.5 W
Material: Acrylic
Pack of 16 IVF milestone cards (1 of each design)