Holiday Baby Milestone Cards Bundle

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Measurements: 4" Diameter
Material: Natural Wood
Pack of 11 holiday milestone cards

Our Baby's First Holiday Wooden Discs offer a delightful way to commemorate your little one's journey through their first year, celebrating all the main holidays with a unique and modern twist. Crafted from natural wood and measuring 4" in diameter, these beautifully engraved discs celebrate all the main holidays, making each milestone a memorable one.

Key Features:

Celebrate Every Holiday: Our Baby's First Wooden Discs cover all the main holidays throughout your baby's first year. From their first Valentine's Day to their very first Christmas and everything in between, these discs ensure that no special moment goes unmarked.

Timeless Natural Wood: Crafted from natural wood, these discs have a classic and timeless feel that complements any nursery or decor style. The wood material adds a rustic touch and a warm, organic look that's perfect for capturing those early memories.

Modern Design with Hand-Drawn Details: The clean and modern design of these discs is beautifully accented with hand-drawn details. Each holiday icon is intricately engraved, adding a touch of artistic charm that makes these discs truly unique.

Versatile Size: Measuring 4" in diameter, our Baby's First Wooden Discs are just the right size to be prominently displayed without taking up too much space. They're perfect for photo shoots, nursery decor, or as a thoughtful gift for new parents.

Durable and Lasting: These discs are built to withstand the test of time. They're made to last as cherished keepsakes, ensuring that the memories of your baby's first year are preserved for years to come.

Capture Precious Moments: Whether you're capturing those early smiles, first holidays, or little milestones, our holiday baby card bundle is a charming way to remember and share those precious moments with family and friends.

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