As we get ready to celebrate the holidays and the year draws to a close, it’s only natural to get a little reflective. What did you do with the year? Was it enough? Did you set off to accomplish what you wanted to? Did you travel? Did you make some good memories? The great news is… as we know, New Years is just symbolic. We aren’t actually traveling over a mysterious, invisible line and leaving used up months behind and venturing into this shiny, spankin’ new year. But even so, there is a element of mercy as we can decide to symbolically and literally start fresh. We give ourselves a clean slate. What a beautiful idea. It can happen everyday, but we officially give ourselves a do-over. You can be different, better or the same. It’s literally up to you!

We also have so many more days left in December! What do you want to do with them? I think if we put an intention out there, we could accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. There is no reason why we can start our goals today and adjust as we see fit! That’s the beauty of giving ourselves a clean slate.

Going into the New Year, there are a few things that have been underlying themes. These aren’t RESOLUTIONS, but INTENTIONS to set as we receive another 365 chances.

1. Creating boundaries in work and personal life.

Who here struggles with that one? It can be really tough! You answer emails after 9 PM, you’re having stress dreams, you answer 1 second after you receive any messages. These are signs that you don’t have enough work life balance boundaries. Secondly, you will find out really quickly how much people respect you when you place a boundary on relationships of any kind. But, the important thing here is to realize that people don’t know what your boundaries are until you tell them. You then give them to the chance to honor that or pull the plug. This could also include returning messages to friends and loved ones. It might involve someone being hurt about not hearing about something first. You don’t owe anyone your energy or time. That’s important to realize. But, if you don’t set that line early on, other people will define that for you.

2. Pouring into Friendships and Relationships
Who you have in your corner is so important. When you are working long hours alone, to know there are people supporting you and cheering you on can make the ultimate difference. The community you create is the soft place to land when the bottom falls out of your world. This type of investment can be as little or as big as you are able. When you think of someone, text them. “Hey, I was thinking of you this morning, I hope you’re doing awesome.” And don’t be anxious about continuing a back and forth. I know I get all the good feelings and vibes when I get those kinds of texts. We all have busy schedules, so the important aspect of adult friendships is to really be intentional about setting a time. Look at your calendar and see when works. We know that these relationships are what make the things we do for work, worth it. And to recharge, pour out and receive also makes us better at what we do.

3. Less Screen Time
Recently, I was overseas and I didn’t have the opportunity to have WiFi all the time. And a crazy thing happened… I stopped checking my phone. I KNOW. Seems crazy, right? And guess what? I didn’t die from not seeing an update or an email. I was more intentional about my online time because I had to be. It meant I used it for work and catching up with friends briefly. I think it has felt like freedom I didn’t know I was craving. It’s hard to do it in everyday life when accessibility is constant. Although this was a change that was made for me instead of by choice, it ended up being amazing & I was super grateful.

4. Finances
It’s a big one. We kinda want to look the other way and pretend it’s not happening. But, there it is… that big ugly word. Money. The same idea as the others goes for spending. To be intentional and aware of every purchase and every bill is a hassle--let’s just say it. But it’s the only way to really get a handle on what’s going on instead of being surprised at the end of every month when you’re coming up short. Also, if you subscribe to the philosophy of the law attraction, one thing we must put a stop to is believing that there is never enough for us. We have to change our narrative about money and our beliefs to receive all that is out there for us. If we’re stingy and scared and negative about money that’s how we feel about it and that’s the “vibe” we’re putting out there. But, if we’re open and happy and realize that the money will come and we continue to work hard because we love to make money and think of it intentionally that way. That’s a different story altogether!

We hope this small list will help you get your thoughts rolling on what you want to do with the rest of this month and all your opportunities for success in the New Year! Happy New Year, let's embrace 2019! 



Dana Bortz


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