What Self Care ACTUALLY is.

It seems like the word “self care” has been on everyone’s lips lately. You can easily find hundreds of blog posts, Instagram photos, Pinterest how-to’s and even videos on the topic. In a world that is moving so fast, turn overs are quicker than ever and our attention is being pulled every which way at every second of the day... I think we’ve finally realized that we can’t keep this up! We can’t sustainably live without any balance.

It’s so important that we take care of ourselves first and foremost so that we can put our entire hearts and our best effort into all other areas of our lives. This could look different for every person! Some might need to make sure they draw the lines in their work life and their self care might be sitting by themselves in the quiet and recharging that way. Others might need to take a hike and get some fresh air. Some might choose to disconnect from social media for a digital detox or even an actual detox! Putting on some soul soothing music and doing a face mask might be yours! All of these are forms of self care. No one knows the best one for you except for you! Usually, you’ll find out what works for you the best just by trying things out!

It’s also helpful to note that self care isn’t always fun. What?! I know... Sometimes I think it’s portrayed as doing whatever you want to do, and to an extent it is... however, with that mindset, it’s easy to use “self care” as an excuse to make poor choices. The goal is to make ourselves feel better overall, not just in the moment. We are giving ourselves room to listen to what our bodies, hearts and minds need. But, just like working out and eating healthy isn’t always FUN, it’s necessary and we feel the results after we make the right, sometimes hard, decisions.

Pictured: Balance Tote Bag (Left) / Just Love Pencil Case (Right)

You can do all the practical things you should be doing, and we, here are Cotton and Canvas, could join the masses with a list of self care suggestions for you, but the BEST advice we can offer to you is to LOVE yourself unconditionally. Give yourself all the grace when things aren’t going like you want or planned. All the rest of the stuff falls into place when you have the squared away. The balance we all are looking for lies in that! When we are there, we can love others from a place of abundance and when we have that balanced, we can do the best we’ve ever done at our jobs, with our families, with strangers, with our creativity—the list is endless!

Go be the best, balanced, loved human you can be!

<3, C+C

P.S. We created this printable just for you as a reminder to LOVE yourself! Right Click to Download.


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