5 Wedding Gift Ideas For The New Bride and Groom To Be!

Now that the holidays are over, what's next? Wedding season is finally here! Trying to find the perfect gift for the bride and groom can be a tough (after figuring out what to wear, of course). Seems like these days, most couples opt for cash gifts over registries. If you’re anything like us, you find it absolutely necessary to get the special couple something truly unique.

In addition to the cash gift, our pillow covers, wine bags and tea towels are some meaningful gift ideas to choose from! Simple, unique and trendy, these everyday items make the cutest gifts for her!

Looking for something a small, more affordable gift? Our little cotton canvas drawstring favor bags make the cutest money or gift card holder! These pouches make the best gift bags for the bride's everyday essentials. 

Be sure to visit our gift section for tons more gift ideas for this upcoming wedding season! Personalized gifts are also available! 

What was your favorite unique gift you received or gifted? Share in the comments below! 


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