So, you've fallen into a FUNK and can't get up?

OK. Let’s be realistic. We’re not going to be in a good mood ALL the TIME. We’re not Disney Princesses or Stepford Wives. So what do you do when the bad mood or the funk comes banging on the door? Or, sneaks in the back window?

We need to be prepared or it’s already too late! Have you had a bout of anxiety or funk overcome you and it just kicks you while you’re down? It’s all you can do just do what you have to do, forget about trying to find positive healthy ways to get out of it.

Whether the mood is seasonal, clinical or situational, there are things that will help you steer clear or combat this when it does arrive.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 of our favorites that have worked for us from various sources from the wonderful world wide web… <3 (Not in order of importance)

  1. Don’t be afraid to say it out loud - Call your mom. Call your best friend. Call someone. Venting has a way of alleviating some of the burden you feel. “I’m not doing so good. I don’t expect you to fix it. But I need a friend.” That’s all. Sometimes being honest about how we’re feeling is a game changer.
  2. Move - It’s the last thing you feel like doing, right? Your body feels like it weighs a million pounds and it’s hard to even get up to go to the kitchen or get in the car to go to work. BUT, hear me out. Endorphins are everything. As Elle Woods says, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.” So if it’s a run, yoga, walking to the coffee shop, just try to move the bod.
  3. Get enough Z’s - It’s time to make sleep a priority. I don’t know how or why that gets put on the back burner. It is VITAL to our health both physically and mentally. This gives our body the chance to rejuvenate itself after working hard all day. Why do we begrudgingly give her (or him) the bare minimum? We could be performing better in life in general if we would give them what they need (this varies from person to person) but make sure you’re SLEEPING!
  4. Compliment Someone - When you see it, say it. I don’t know how this phenomenon works exactly, but making others feel good makes YOU feel good. I mean, always do it genuinely! But watch how your perspective changes when you care about building someone else up instead of being buried beneath your own dark clouds.
  5. Forgive Yourself - So, you didn’t finish your to-do list. So, you drank more soda than you promised yourself you would. So, you forgot an appointment. So…what? Life will go on, I promise. Apologize when necessary and then let go. Life will be infinitely more bearable if you let yourself make mistakes and not torture yourself over them. Life isn’t as serious as we tend to make it a lot of times.

  6. Brain Dump - Don’t be strict with your thoughts and creativity. Maybe this means just doodling or creating something (anything) to just let loose. Maybe this means just writing anything and everything that comes into your mind. Let it out. A metaphor I heard recently on the app Headspace about not controlling our thoughts was: You are sitting on the curb watching the cars go by, there’s no need to get involved, let it just do what it needs to do. In that same way, All you need is your chosen medium and just let your brain do whatever it wants.
  7. Shine Bright - People from countries who have more dark hours than light in the winter months can testify to this. Light matters. Make sure you are getting some sun light or at the very least some cheery bright light in your home or office. This can change your mood in seconds.
  8. Clean Up - I can’t tell you how many times the funk has snuck up and I look around and my environment sucks. It’s a mess. Who could thrive here let alone get out of a bad mood? It’s important to have an environment that fosters good moods! Especially if you have a proclivity for falling into bad ones.
  9. Slay - Wear something that makes you feel good! It honestly could be sweatpants. Or that little black dress. Whatever makes you feel GOOD. Powerful. In control. Happy. That’s the outfit to pick.
  10. Meditate - taking even 3 mins to breathe intentionally changes EVERYTHING. Yoga breathing especially. Feel your stomach expands as your lungs fill with air and as you exhale feel it contract as you let the air go. Helpful Tip Try breathing in for 4 counts. Holding it for 7 counts and letting it go for 8 counts.

  11. Turn it Up the Music - Listen to something that makes you happy. Makes you wanna move. But also be aware of your feelings, sometimes music like that can be irritating or even overwhelming when you are struggling. Listen to what your body needs. But Music is so powerful, let it aid you as you push through the funk (no pun intended).
  12. Watch the Sunset - Simple. I think watching something like that gets us outside of ourselves and makes us feel a little more alive.
  13. Get some Space - Brace yourself… from technology. I know, I know. We’re all addicted and how this subtly happened we’ll never know. But, sometimes, being in constant connection with EVERYTHING is draining. We’re on alert every second, with emails, with notifications showing us how other people are spending their time. Sometimes we just need to be quiet. We need to make sure we’re enjoying the space we’re in no matter what else is going on in other people’s lives. Decide how long you want to unplug and stick to it. Even if it’s just an hour. It’s a good practice to get in the habit of doing.
  14. Shop - I’m not encouraging this as a long term solution. I know shopping addiction is real. BUT, sometimes, taking a trip to Target or Nordy’s (or even taking a little peek at The Cotton and Canvas site…) and picking up a little luxury item you wouldn’t normally let yourself splurge on is exactly what we need to lift our spirits. Proceed with caution. But let yourself have a little fun in this area occasionally.
  15. Switch it Up - The routine is the enemy, honestly. I know we need it, it’s necessary…but the monotony of it all can be so tiresome. Sometimes we just need something to shake us awake and excite us! It can be as small as driving a different way home or trying a new coffee shop. I think it’s just important to never stop surprising yourself. The more ways you are open to new experiences, the more likely, you’ll never get bored.

  16. Make Lists - uhhh what? Make a list of things you’re crushing in life. Make a list of things to do. Make a list of things you enjoy. Movies you want to see. Things you’re grateful for! I 100% believe that a huge part of a bad mood or funk is not feeling in control. While, that probably won’t change, life is full of uncontrollable events. I think it gives us some semblance of organization and control. Don’t take my word on it, try it out and see if you agree.
  17. Find the Root - Sometimes there is no answer. It’s just a bad day or a bad week, nothing particularly wrong, but it just feels off and your energy and vibes are different than usual. But SOMETIMES, it’s something specific. I think it’s important to identify the reason, maybe there is something super concrete and solid you can do to solve your problem, or maybe it’s just emotional and you just need to care for yourself. But when you just let it crash over you without identifying possible causes, there is a chance it can get worse when left unaddressed.
  18. Find a Pro - If the feelings persist, it’s okay to seek professional help. The more mental health awareness there is, the more the stigma is being removed about needing to seek therapy. There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING wrong with using any and all healthy tools available to you to feel better.
  19. Play - Babies and Puppies… I mean, honestly… I don’t know when I haven’t felt good after spending time with a seriously adorable baby or dog. I’m just saying. It’s worth a shot.
  20. Eat Well - I know it’s tempting to eat comfort food in this time. I think there is a time and place for that, BUT, long term… your diet SO effects the way you feel mentally. Increasing things that promote gut health will also help your mentally clarity. Eat well and feel well. It’s the simplest cause and effect there is.

We hope you can glean some wisdom from this list. Maybe not all of them will work for you! But, there are some good ideas to start with for feeling better during the dark days.

Here’s to all the best days & falling in love with life. You are so sparkly and deserve all the best things in the world. Believe that.

Dana Bortz

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