Oh Yes, It's Ladies Night!

There's nothing like a little girl time! Whether you're a wife, mom, or living the single life, having some girlfriends around for some fun is always the best idea. 

One of our most fun ladies nights is staying in and having ourselves a wine party.

How it works: have each one of your friends bring a bottle of wine with a simple pairing dish. The evening will feel effortless as you and your friends explore new tastes and naturally converse over the yummy wine and food! 


Wine not :) dress your wine bottle up with our beautiful chic Wine Bags!  

If you and your girlfriends feel like getting out -- shopping and dinner is our answer! But don't forget to accessorize with our Cosmetic & Tote Bag

In any case, staying in or going out, you can't go wrong with great company, girl talk, yummy food, and delicious cocktails!

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