When Fashion Isn't Always Your Friend

If fashion hasn’t always been your thing, this is for you, my friend:

My relationship to fashion had always been unrequited love. I couldn’t understand why I felt uncomfortable pulling off something I liked, or couldn’t pair it with the right thing or my version of it felt just a beat off. So, somewhere along the way, I had decided I was bad at fashion.

But to be clear, that hasn’t stop me from trying. I actually have really fallen in love with the trying. It’s like a process of fine tuning and I have finally relaxed enough about it to the point that I enjoy it.

My new fashion philosophy became about the fact I didn’t want to “tone it down” anymore. I always knew I liked funky, flashy things—but I also didn’t love the idea of calling too much attention to myself. Blame it on traveling or just growing up, but that started to matter less. I’ve decided to just wear what I want. How simple and freeing. There are so few things in life that we can control and this is an outlet of creativity, a way to have fun, and a method in which to announce yourself before you even open your mouth.

Here’s my encouragement to you. If you, like me, haven’t been blessed with an innate fashion sense…

-Don’t be afraid to try something a bit out of your normalcy if you like it. Dress differently everyday if you want to. Who says we have to have one style anyway? Don’t put me in a corner, baby! Treat it like a fun experiment. I’ve even been thrifting a lot which allows me to try new things without the guilt of a hefty price tag if I decide I never want to wear it again. Also! Our newest line of apparel is perfect for budget friendly experimenting! (If you haven't checked out our Summer Collection- GO NOW!)

-Be unapologetically you. I have often felt so cute and happy with my look, ready to walk out the door, only to change my bright pink lipstick or take off my hat because that annoying voice in my head said, “Really… are you trying THAT hard?” or “You really aren’t pulling that off…” WHAT CRAP! If you like it, wear it! The more you practice that, the more confident you will be. And the more confident you are, the more EVERYTHING actually looks awesome on you. Even a burlap sack.

-Practice. Practice? I know that sounds weird. But, a lot of times, I’m flying around in a chaotic panic an hour before an event or meeting trying to put something together. And those of us who have sat in tears next to a pile of clothes and declared, “I’m NOT going!” know that that is just not the time to be experimenting. So, what if you took the guess work out of it a little? One night last month, I pulled some of my favorite pieces out, but rarely wear, because I don’t actually know how to style them. I worked on multiple options and varieties of ways I could wear them. All the way down to jewelry and shoes. By doing this, you have sort of template that you can adjust and add to on the day you want to wear it. It was honestly fun. Put some music on, pour a glass of wine & make a night out of it. Your future self will thank you.

You are more than the clothes you wear. Your GORGEOUS insides will always matter more. I hope you know that on a molecular level. BUT, if finding your style or look is something that interests you and you’d like to get better at it, my final advice is to give yourself permission and freedom to play!

Jewelry: / @loveandchambray

xo, Dana Bortz

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