How to Find the Best Travel Deals!

If you’re a seasoned traveler, or just beginning of your adventuring days, everyone loves a good deal, amirite? There are thousands of websites guaranteeing the cheapest and best flights. But I have found that is tried and true. Ever heard of it? It’s a, not so secret anymore, gem. You can pick your exact destination, or if you’re a little bit of a risk taker, you can play what is affectionately known as “travel roulette”. You pick your departing location and under “destination” you click the option “Everywhere”. This will give you the cheapest deals from wherever you are to a list of locations! My favorite travel roulette was a $200 ticket to Iceland. That’s nearly unheard of… and the trip of a lifetime!


There are other sneaky ways to get your best deals in too. These are based on some research, not personal experience. But, we have heard there is something to it! If you purchase your ticket on Tuesdays it's the cheapest. According to a travel expert this is because "apparently...airlines announc[e] deals on Monday evenings. By Tuesday at noon, other airlines are trying to match those deals." Let us know if you try it, we’d love to hear how that works for you! Also, budget airlines like Norwegian Air fly directly from major airports straight into Europe! Which is a super convenient trip with no connecting flights or annoying layovers.

 Find Your Wild Graphic Tee

ALSO, we're so excited we have a Summer Collection launching soon and this is one of our travel inspired designs! Choose Adventure Always! Keep an eye out when it hits the site!

 And whether you’re flying to another state or flying across the world! We love the “Travel Often” cosmetic bag to carry all the airplane necessities. Because you are flying roughly 20,000 feet about the ground, it gets cold up there! Not to mentioned the recycled air dries out your eyes and skin! So stock your cosmetic bag with hand and face cream, moisturizing face masks (We know it’s a little extra… but it’s a really good way to keep that skin fresh!) eye drops, and a jade roller! Keep that skin and eyes dewy fresh and without a trace of puffiness!

Travel Often Cosmetic Bag

After years of travel, I have finally mastered the art of a light carry on. A (large-ish) purse and a C+C tote bag! I use the C+C tote bag to carry my laptop in a case and any extra cords and maybe a book! We have so many cute ones, but these two totes are travel inspired and therefore could not be more PERFECT!

Travel Often Tote Bag & Bon Voyage Tote Bag

Happy Traveling, you adventurers!

XO, Dana


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Find Your Wild Graphic Tee

Travel Often Cosmetic Bag

Travel Often Tote Bag

Bon Voyage Tote Bag


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