Pun Toting at the Farmer's Market!


We’re excited to share a summer favorite… The farmer’s market!

Who could resist juicy fruits, fresh veggies, and gorgeous blooms? Definitely not us! Which is why we’ve made shopping at our local farmer’s market a weekend tradition.

In our opinion, visiting a local farmer’s market encourages a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. It’s a great start to the weekend. Also, if you have kids, it’s great to surround them around fruits and veggies sold by local growers who will often use environmentally friendly methods of farming.

We will share some of our best tips and tricks for shopping at your local farmer’s market. These little tricks work for us and we hope they help you with your shopping experience.

  • Make a list of what you need and what’s in season

Since you know what you’re likely to find, you can do some meal planning and shop accordingly.

  • Be spontaneous

Yes, you made that list, BUT what’s wrong with a little wiggle room for those ripen hard avocados or fresh baked cookies. Your market is likely home to products you can’t find at the grocery store.

  • Go early (or go late)

You might find that the markets are less crowded right when they open or just before they close. Test different times at your local farmer’s market to determine the most convenient time for you.

  • Shop around & taste test

Don’t be shy, talk to the farmers and feel free to ask questions about their farming techniques. Most markets will let you taste test some of the food.

  • Bring Cash

Small bills are best. Purchases will go easier and faster if you have exact (or close to exact) change.

  • Bring your Cotton and Canvas Co. Pun tote bags

Most vendors offer bags, but they are usually flimsy plastic bags which aren’t environmentally friendly. 

A MUST have when it comes to getting your produce and goodies home safely from the farmer’s market. All of our totes are 100% heavy-duty cotton canvas fabric, reusable and Eco-friendly! You can shop our Food Pun Tote Bags on our website! Happy Shopping!

Feel free to leave a comment. We would love to hear from you and your secret tricks when it comes to farmer’s market shopping.

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