How Beauty Makes Life BETTER + DIY Floral Arrangement

We have EXCELLENT news! Making a beautiful space to live in, work in, exist in isn’t just frivolous. There are dozens of studies that support the ideology that there is a direct correlation with a person’s wellbeing and their living situation. Duh, right? We feel good in a space and start feeling better even outside of the space, putting out “good vibes” so to speak. Calm, peaceful bedrooms are said to encourage better sleep. Better views outside of an office window are said to increase productivity. It’s a no brainer… we like to look at pretty things. But the idea that pretty things are GOOD, even HEALTHY, for us is an idea we can definitely get behind!

To jumpstart your new found excuse for making everything around you BEAUTIFUL… we thought a little tutorial on how to create a gorgeous, floral arrangement was so apropos. PLUS, there are so many benefits to having flowers and plants in the house! Because they give off oxygen, the presence of plants help with concentration and memory. In addition, certain floral scents can even lower stress levels! Sign us up!

What You Will Need:


-A Basket
(Could be something else if you want!)

-Various sized flowers + greenery
(You’ll want to choose a variety of sizes, this will help add dimension to your arrangement.)

-A piece of fabric or cloth

1) Lay out all your florals and greenery. Just take a mental note of everything you have.

2) Next, trim all of the stems at about a 45 degree angle.

3) Drape your piece of fabric over the front of the basket. The amount hanging in the front will depend on how big your piece of fabric is. If you have a larger piece you can drape in the back and let the middle sag to the bottom of the basket and the other end can hang in the front. If it’s a smaller piece, you can just drape over the front edge and let the bottom end dangle into the basket.

4) Start with your larger leafy, green pieces, these will serve as a base. Place these toward the back and spread them out as evenly as possible. You can use a little bit of an angle and let them lean on the back of the basket. Work your way around the basket and as you get to the front, use shorter pieces or angle them a little more sharply so they appear shorter. Don’t be afraid to trim as you go also! If a piece is bugging you, cut it!

5) Next, using your smaller blooms, start filling in the middle. Get creative! There’s no right or wrong way and the good news is, you can always adjust this as you go.

6) Then, after you’re satisfied with the overall fullness, now it’s time for the bigger flowers! Place them sporadically throughout the entire basket and concentrate them in the back so none of them cover the smaller florals in the front.

7) Viola! Your gorgeous arrangement is complete!

Now that we have science backing us up on our pursuit for pretty...we are so excited to make our space more BEAUTIFUL! I mean, if only just for the sake of our health, right? ;)


Dana Bortz

P.S. We would LOVE to see what you guys come up with! Tag us @thecottonandcanvas to showcase your beautiful floral arrangements!

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