We're Celebrating Christmas in July!


OK, OK, bear with us. We know, unless you’re Australian or super duper at planning ahead, you’re probably not thinking about Christmas in July! But… that might only be because you haven’t seen the latest arrivals to the C+C family… But low-key, how AMAZING would it be to have your decor and gifts already set as the holiday season finally comes calling? And honestly, it always comes around sooner than we think, doesn’t it? 4 months until Christmas and 3 until Thanksgiving— something to think about! In the mean time, let’s talk about the goodies! 

A whole new year, means brand new designs! Our designers spent oodles of time illustrating and coming up with the perfect color palettes for our newest collections. For example, our Thanksgiving banners + runners are some of our best yet! Not that we’re biased or anything… but we think they’re pretty awesome. See for yourself! The perfect eclectic mix of home made and modern make it the perfect addition to any style of decor you might be into this holiday.

And, the darling of the holidays…Christmas. We love to love it. And how much more could you enjoy it if you weren’t running around last minute?! Just saying. We have created a vast collection of Christmas ornaments that are modern with just a touch of the handmade— making it the perfect gift or addition to your own tree! Take a look at our newest ones. 

You know a hostess has really outdone herself when even the table compliments the holiday decor. Why not be that kind of hostess this year? Table runners make that super easy and super cute! This year all your have to do is choose your favorite design and let us know how to personalize it and viola! You’ve created the perfect accent to your dinner table as well as a keepsake for years to come!

 But, we can’t forget our other best seller. Banners! Christmas Style. Just the perfect little holiday hostess gift or something to add on your door or porch during the holiday season.

Happy Christmas in July, we hope you get into it, like we have!

Until then, happy summer and happy shopping! 





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