Before You Freak Out About Adding Another Candle on Your Birthday Cake...

Time is a slippery, tricky and elusive element, isn’t it? It passes by quickly without you even realizing as you notice more laugh lines or watch your children grow. But it drags on while you wait for a broken heart to mend or sitting at a red light when you really have to pee.

As a late 20 something, it is so easy to fall into the trap of comparison. Am I where I want to be career wise? Am I married? Do I want children? Do I live in my dream home? The list goes on. Though we can not control time, maybe we can start looking at letting Time become a friend.  A free spirit who comes and goes as he (she) pleases and gives you lessons or blessings along the way.

It’s a principle we’ve perhaps heard often, but I’d like to drive it home:

No one is on the same life path. 

No one. Nor should we be. And that’s GOOD. How boring would the world be if we all chose one course? Or if Destiny, the Universe, God or whatever you believe in, gifted us with all the same things. We’d never learn anything new or see things from any other perspective.

An unknown author wrote this beautiful encouragement,

“Just as a general note, you should eliminate any thought that there is an expectation that you do anything by any age. You don’t have to be married with kids by 25.. It’s okay to be 16 and never been kissed.. There’s nothing wrong with you if you have graduated from college by 22.. You’re not a failure because you don’t have your dream job at 30.. There are no rules to life. You don’t get special points for achieving certain things by a deadline. Just go at your own speed. It’s not a race.” 

So, with all this in mind, we hope you remember, wherever you are… is where you are supposed to be. The sooner you learn what you need to learn, the sooner you can move to the next beautiful stage. And they are all beautiful. Even if it’s at a different pace than those around you or what you’ve been taught. Even if you’re messing up, being stupid and making a big mess. Embrace the journey. It’s yours.

As Jessica Day says in one of my favorite comedies, “New Girl”,
“I don’t care what you think… this is my journey! Welcome to MY freaking journey!"

We hope you embrace that mindset.
You are amazing and awesome at every age and every stage.

Dana Bortz

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