The New Year tends to get most people a little reflective! While it’s entertaining to revisit past years’ accomplishments and let it fuel your new year— today we’re looking back to revisit our favorites on the silver screen!

Coco - 2017

OK, it’s animated. We’re adults. Get over it. Coco was the cutest movie about Miguel, a little boy from Mexico finding out about his family’s roots and ties to music as he enters the Land of the Dead on the Day of the Dead. It has amazing graphics, beautiful music and culturally rich allegories.

The Dark Knight - 2008

This is going pretty far back. The last film Heath Ledger worked on… RIP. The acting was amazing. Maybe the world’s best villain portrayal. The hand done special effects and underlining the world’s vulnerability to dark forces gave us a very grim realism… sometimes creepy, colorful chaos makes for really good entertainment.

A Star is Born - 2018

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Enough said… really. The soundtrack alone. But, this film is such a powerful story about once in a lifetime love, fame and struggle with drug abuse. Bring your tissues. This is not a lighthearted flick. But 1,000% worth a watch. 

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  - 2014

Normally Ben Stiller is a slapstick comedian, but in this sweet film, he is an unassuming guy who hasn’t done too much until his job launches him into an unexpected adventure of a lifetime. If you want to be inspired to dare to do big things, be spontaneous and fall in love with travel. This is for you. Not only is the story slightly poignant and surprising, the cinematography and graphic choices are top notch.

The Martian - 2015

How often has a story about Man vs. Nature failed to make for a good story? An astronaut gets stranded on Mars after his team believe him to be dead. It’s like the stuff of nightmares. But, somehow, this flick is inspiring and demonstrates the resourcefulness and stamina of a human nature. Prepare for some white knuckles and deep breaths.

La La Land - 2016

It’s the story of dreamers. An aspiring actress and a jazz musician fall in love in LA. Ok, we’re not biased just because it takes place in our home city… it’s truly such a sweet story. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are fantastic. The dance and song numbers are so well done, even people who aren’t fans of musicals could get into it.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 2004

If you’ve ever been in love and had your heartbroken, you know there’s a point, when you’re hurting so bad you wonder if the whole thing was worth it. In this unlikely movie, there is a business that will erase a person from your memory. Only with Jim Carey and Kate Winslet, it’s a little harder than with the average person. They keep finding each other. Again and again. It’s a dark romance, but sweet in it’s own right. 

Lion - 2016

A five year old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta thousands of miles from home. Years later he is adopted by an Australian family and this is the story of him finding his family. It’s beyond heart wrenching and a beautiful story of the human need to understand where we come from.

Catfish - 2010

This was the beginning of understanding what an online impersonator actually is. The psychology behind it and the phenomenon that has become a household verb known as “Catfishing”. New Shulman is a New York photographer and begins an online relationship with a girl named Megan. Even though many inconsistencies arise, Nev continues his relationship with her and this film documents his road trip to meet her in person. Because it was one of the first of it’s kind, Catfish is a fascinating trail of something that happens to people all the time. Only then, there was no name for it. If you’re into thrilling, indie films, take a look at this one.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s - 1961

Last, but certainly not least, Audrey Hepburn’s classic, Breakfast and Tiffany’s. At a fast glance, it’s just a quick romantic film. But, really it is so much more. It is the story of a woman finding herself slowly and loving herself enough to allow herself to be loved by someone else. The costumes are beautifully 60’s and Audrey is a doll as always. Perfect for a Sunday morning over coffee and croissants.


We have endless favorites…. But these ten are a good start for ALL genres! We hope you enjoy reading about these ones and are inspired to have a few movie nights on your own!


Dana Bortz


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