Are you a Phone Addict?!

If you’re like most of the modern world today, there’s one thing you do the second you wake up…

You check your phone.

We make excuses—our alarms, our jobs, social media notifications… but the truth of the matter is… most of us are (at least a little) addicted to our phones.

Addicted seems like a super strong word. Maybe a little aggressive for the seemingly innocent little rectangle that joins you in bed every night!

The second we wake up… in this habit, we allow someone else’s thoughts and day affect ours. Before our feet even HIT the floor, we’ve given our first thoughts and moments to someone else. In recent studies, we’ve even found out that social media can contribute to anxiety and depression and of course, the obvious comparison game and FOMO.

There is even some research that indicates that every time we get a “like” or “comment” or even see something we like online, our brain releases dopamine (which is the feel good hormone). We want more. So, it only stands to reason, the algorithms are created to keep us online as long as possible. But unfortunately, as quickly as we feel good, when that engagement is gone, we are sent into a downward spiral.

Now that you know the facts… this is not to say that there isn’t some good things about social media! Small businesses like ours rely on being online! To create a community, as we have, via social media is a big part of that! So that being said, this is meant to be an encouragement to guard our mind and heart be intentional about our screen time. Let’s face it, it’s not realistic to cut it out all together, and we wouldn’t want to! The good stuff is WONDERFUL! We love the one on one connection, sharing life experiences and finding like minded people—that part rocks!

One of the most helpful things we found to create healthy boundaries is to “book end” your days. Which means, maybe the first hour when you wake up, you don’t allow yourself to reach for your phone. You meditate, you eat breakfast, you listen to music, you give your eyes and soul a little break before you jump right in. And then, at the end of the day, you unplug yourself the hour before you go to bed. So the blue lit screen isn’t sending you off the dreamland. You have "book end-ed" your day.

Our thoughts with this were… why not try to see how it makes you feel? We’ve only heard very positive things about this practice. And let’s say, if it ended up not working, no harm, no foul! But! if it did, wouldn’t it be great to feel a little less tethered and free? To return a bit to the analog ways? Being present is a novelty these days. Even unique. Technology is efficient and convenient, but it was never meant to replace actual experiences or become more important than them. We hope we can all remember that as we move forward more intentionally with our screen time and how we engage online.

Dana Bortz

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