12 Days of Christmas Bucket List

Decking out our homes with holiday décor, seeing houses lit up after dark, the smell of cinnamon apples, peppermint and Christmas tree pines – OH MY! We can’t imagine anything else making us feel this warm and happy inside! Can you? 

As we sit here listening to ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside,’ we want to truly embrace this holiday season by sharing our 12 days of Christmas bucket list!

1. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm

First grab a yummy hot chocolate or latte then visit your local Christmas tree farm to pick and cut down your own tree! Sounds exciting, right? 

2. Purchase a New Ornament 

Each year it's a tradition to get a new unique ornament for our tree. Not just any cute ornament, but one that reflects on the best part of your year!

3. Attend a Festival of Lights

Spend an evening out with friends or family while enjoying the scenery of lights. Most of these festivals have games, food, and rides. Another fun option is to drive around town, listing to Christmas music {of course} to find a few neighborhoods full of beautiful lights! 

4. Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies {for Santa, obviously}

This is the time to pull out the old family book of recipes and try one out. Bake alone with a glass of wine or make it a baking party. 

5. Binge Watch a Christmas Movie {or two or three}

During the holiday season, the Hallmark channel is a win win! If we had to choose a favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone is a close winner.

6. Give Back to Your Local Community

The holidays are a great time to reach out and help those who aren't as fortunate by donating toys to a gift drive or food to a local food drive. Picking out a special gift for someone in need is a great way to teach younger family members about the spirit of giving. You get to feel humble in knowing you may change someone's life for better. 

7. Play in the Snow

Grab your beanie and mittens and plan a day in the snow! Snow ball fights or snow angels? Either way, a snow day is mandatory this holiday season!

8. Send Holiday Cards

From family photos, to funny, to cute, holiday cards are so much fun to give and receive! Call us old fashion, but receiving a holiday card in the mail not only puts a smile on our face but also helps with decorating the mantel. 

9. Hang Stockings

Stocking stuffers are the most favorable gifts! You can customize stockings for the whole family {even your pets}. The cutest gifts are always found inside the stockings!

10. Go Out To Shop!

We know, online shopping is the way to go! BUT! You must go out in all the madness, at least once to feel and see the holiday craziness that is going on beyond our computers. (we're still working on this one -- haha)

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Happy Shopping <3

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